Road Maintenance

Norlan United undertakes the maintenance of State roads across the whole state of Terengganu, Malaysia. The Terengganu State Road Maintenance (TSRM) is a 5 years road maintenance concession contract beginning in the third quarter of 2016 until 2021. Through the long-term service contracts, a few thousand km of roads in the states of Terengganu are maintained by Norlan United.

Scope of Services:

Routine Maintenance
Involves the repair of potholes, maintenance of road shoulders, roadside furniture, drainage systems, bridges and culverts, grass cutting, landscaping on protocol roads and routine inspections.

Periodic Maintenance
Involves the repair, replacement and installation of existing pavements, roadside furniture, drains, culverts and guardrails as well as slope repairs.

Emergency Works
Involves traffic management, clearing work and provision of temporary diversion in the event of slope failures and bridge or culvert failures, and in the event of floods or fallen trees.

Routine Maintenance

Periodic Maintenance

Emergency Works


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