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In line with group’s strategic plans to explore opportunities and diversify the business to include new business segments, Norlan United has ventured into property development and maintenance to enhance the portfolio and earnings of the group.

Our early focus was on developing residential housing projects solely in the state of Trengganu. However, we have broadening our reach to all of Malaysia and overseas as well, including LaCrista Hotel project in Melaka, Payang Hotel in Kuala Trengganu and Pegasus Country Club in Corringham, United Kingdom. Moving forward, we are developing integrated township projects contain commercial and residential components with modern design elements and eco-friendly features, including the Green Building Index.

We are committed to continuously striving to meet client’s requirements with respect to project completion time, specifications, and workmanship quality. We also aim to continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system. This enables us to diligently serve our customers, meet their requirements, and deliver value for their investment. 

—  Upcoming Projects 

SURIA UTAMA – Kuala Terengganu

A proposed development of 605-acre new township in Kuala Terengganu known as Suria Utama with anticipated Gross Development Value of RM4 billions. It will consist of shopping complex, commercial complex, offices and residential. The newly completed Syarqiyyah Palace Complex is just 2km away from the site. Suria Utama will be a unique, exclusive and the first-of-its-kind township project in Terengganu that reflect the changing housing needs of the city. While developing innovative designs, Norlan United has established a reputation for its impeccable quality and its consistent support for eco friendly construction practices. 

The township will be developed to become the first sustainable, safe, self-contained Township in Terengganu including modern concept development, complete with commercial centre, local market, green zones, gated and guarded inspired communal living, footpaths for pedestrians and non-motorised vehicles

At Suria Utama, our priority is to create a “safe town” and secure environment for the community. The township undertakes vital security measures into each residential Scheme. Each scheme is gated and guarded, with boom gates or barriers and each home fitted with an alarm system. Finally, there will be 24-hour guard patrol throughout the township. 

We are targeting to launch the first phase which consists of mixed development including single, double-storey terrace and shop houses in 2024. Other components including shopping complex, specialist hospital and hotel will be launched at a later date. 

Suria Utama will be a reference standard in providing conducive modern township with elements incorporating Green Building Index, Safe and Green concept. It is our desire to develop as the best residential area in years to come in Terengganu and will inspire to be an award winning scheme.

KOTA DARUL IMAN – Mukim Kuala Nerus

A new proposed integrated development on a 2,000 acres land in Mukim Kuala Nerus, Kota Darul Iman, is set to be a new landmark for Terengganu and the East Coast. It will integrate as the administrative centre functioning as a new Mini Putrajaya, which consists of government complexes, commercial, industrial and residential components blend in a modern and sustainable environment. Kota Darul Iman will incorporate modern and futuristic design elements including Green Building Index, MSC Grade A Building and Green Technology within its proposed development area. 

Norlan United is working with a few strategic partners to bring investors to expedite the realization of Kota Darul Iman becoming a fully developed, modern and sustainable township. The targeted launching of this development is in 2024.

—  Overseas Venture 

PEGASUS COUNTRY CLUB – Corringham, United Kingdom

Norlan United has acquired the Pegasus Club in May 2014 and changed its name to “The Pegasus Country Club”. The club is located at Herd Lane, Corringham, UK. It is a popular sport and social club on a 24-acre freehold plot that boasts superb football and rugby pitches as well as fishing lakes, tennis courts and a bowls green. Pegasus Club is set to become an international football hub with facilities to match training grounds of top teams like Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur – as well as reopening its doors as a members’ club. Norlan United inspired to maintain and improve the facilities as well as upgrade the site into an international sporting club. As for the international training hub, Norlan United plan on creating a Premier League level football pitch, aiming to encourage Asian teams to the UK so that they can acclimatize to the European standard by training at the club and playing quality English teams.

Norlan United is also promoting Pegasus Club to be utilised as a UK based center for Malaysians as a recreation and a social gathering center, festive and sporting functions and other sort of events. Outdoor football training and other sports activities are currently a common sight on its lavish fields. In the future, Norlan United plan to develop this area into a mix development.

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THE PAYANG HOTEL – Kuala Terengganu


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