Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

Norlan United is registered with Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) with a license to supply products and services, but our mechanical & electrical engineering services go beyond merely supplying, installing and servicing equipment or devices.

Our highly trained mechanical and electrical engineers are capable of studying, auditing, reviewing, designing, constructing, installing and managing any electrical engineering system that meets all required regulations. Some of our scopes of services include cooling and heating system, ventilation and exhaustion systems, electrical system, firefighting and protection systems, and more.

Having these engineering teams in-house benefits both Norlan United and our clients. It enabling the company to provide M&E capability in support of the main line construction activities seamlessly. Processes are streamlined since any changes to the design or installation are completed with minimal disruption. We ensure to provide optimal integration of all systems, and the most professional service possible.

Cooling and Heating System

Ventilation and Exhaustion System

Firefighting and Protection System

Electrical and Power System


Other Core Services

Construction & Civil Works

Property Development

Facilities Management

Interior Design

Road Maintenance

Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Engineering

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