Interior Design

At Norlan United, we go beyond just building construction. We have an experienced team of interior designers who will work to make every building fantasy a reality. Whether a client needs interior design services or our designers apply the finishing touches necessary to complete a Norlan property, our flexible teams can meet any need. 

Incorporating interior design into our Norlan United offerings was a natural next step in our corporate growth. Having an in-house design group streamlines all aspects of project management. Our customers can look forward to the same degree of excellence from our interior design team that they are used to receiving from all of our other departments. 

No matter the building’s theme, our team is up to the task. We work with our clients throughout the design and construction phases to ensure that all plans are executed with the utmost respect to the customer’s needs. A focus on functionality, accessibility, and sustainability is paramount.  After all, client satisfaction is our goal above all else.


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