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Pegasus Country Club

Pegasus Club, Corringham, United Kingdom

Norlan United has acquired the Pegasus Club in May 2014 and changed its name to “The Pegasus Country Club”. The club is located at Herd Lane, Corringham, UK. It is a popular sport and social club on a 24-acre freehold plot that boasts superb football and rugby pitches as well as fishing lakes, tennis courts and a bowls green. Pegasus Club is set to become an international football hub with facilities to match training grounds of top teams like Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur – as well as reopening its doors as a members’ club. Norlan United inspired to maintain and improve the facilities as well as upgrade the site into an international sporting club. As for the international training hub, Norlan United plan on creating a Premier League level football pitch, aiming to encourage Asian teams to the UK so that they can acclimatize to the European standard by training at the club and playing quality English teams.


Norlan United is also promoting Pegasus Club to be utilised as a UK based center for Malaysians as a recreation and a social gathering center, festive and sporting functions and other sort of events. Outdoor football training and other sports activities are currently a common sight on its lavish fields. In the future, Norlan United plan to develop this area into a mix development.